About HONOR AdventureTech

HONOR AdventureTech is situated in the Netherlands. We design and manufacture premium Auto Belay (climbing wall descenders) for sport climbers and leisure activities under the brand name STAR-belay. We also manufacture ZIP-brake devices for the comfortable slowing down of people at the end of zip lines. Our accessories complete the range.

We’ve put over 70-years safety engineering experience in our STAR-series auto belay

As far back as 1948 we were developing and manufacturing safety products in-house, in response to safety issues affecting our clients. Our sister company HONOR Safety & Consultancy – an international orientated Dutch company – experienced in developing and manufacturing premium height safety, evacuation and rescue solutions in partnership with its clients. From this starting point we also developed climbing auto belay devices and zip brakes.


Dutch design

HONOR AdventureTech is located in Almere (close to Amsterdam), the Netherlands. Working together with industrial designers, end-user customers and export distributors many HONOR-solutions are internationally patented, often nominated and even won the international prestigious Dutch Design Award! Our products are MADE IN HOLLAND, genuine and virgin materials used, sustainable produced under the right working conditions!

Safety equipment specialist: development, manufacturing and expert advice

The STAR-belay devices are a spin off of a range of 18 different types comprising fall arrest blocks, recovery devices, automatic descenders, evacuation and rescue devices, load arrestors by our sister company HONOR Safety & Consultancy.


The STAR-belay auto belay devices are specially designed for climbers and in use in climbing gyms, ropes courses and zip line tours all over the world. HONOR AdventureTech STAR-belay comprises 3 types of auto belay: CWD9, CWD16 and the CWD20 SPEED. Auto belay contribute to the safety of climbers while enjoying the freedom and fun of their sport or hobby. Whether seriously training, staying in shape or experiencing to climb a very first time you’re free to go on any facility in a safe way. HONOR AdventureTech STAR-belay facilitate individual climbers up to large groups while operational costs are reduced.

Powering your adventure experiences!