ZIP-brake ZB20 SPEED – zipline brake device, max. 20 meter (65.6 ft)

HONOR ZIP-brake max. braking Distance 20 meter (65.6 ft) Advanced modular braking system |automatically retracting kernmantel rope | Allows zippers to brake comfortably | High reliability while maintenance and operating costs are kept to a minimum.


The ZIP-brake® is designed to automatically slow down riders, offering a smooth and comfortable zipline braking experience. This innovative self-regulating system ensures consistent braking for zipline riders, resetting automatically after every ride. It effectively reduces speed, even at high velocities, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable ride. The result? An enhanced and comfortable experience for your zipline or canopy tour customers.

Characteristics ZB20 SPEED zipline brake devices

  • Automatic Weight-Adjustable Resistance: The ZIP-brake features an unique self-regulating braking system that adjusts resistance based on the rider’s speed and weight. This ensures a customized, comfortable, and consistently smooth braking experience for riders of all sizes.
  • Efficient and Reliable: Our ZIP-brake devices model ZB20 offers a maximum braking distance of 20 meters, respectively, for riders weighing 15 – 150 kg (33 – 331 lbs). This device provides reliable and consistent braking even at high speeds.
  • Compliance with Industry Standards: HONOR AdventureTech ZIP-brake devices adhere to industry standards such as ACCT, EN 15567-1, PRCA, ASTM F2959, and ASTM F770, ensuring the highest levels of safety and performance.

Unleash the Adventure – Ensure Safety:

Unleash the Adventure – Ensure Safety:
HONOR AdventureTech ZIP-brake devices enable riders to safely decelerate at speeds up to 60 km/h (37.2 mph) with the ZB16 or up to 72 km/h (44.6 mph) with the ZB20 (Maximum Arrival Speed 2:1 Ratio). Our brakes activate upon reaching the end of the zipline, securely catching the rider and automatically guiding them to the arrival platform.



ZIP-brake ZB20 SPEED – zipline brake device, max. 20 meter (65.6 ft)

  • Minimum weight: 15 kg (33 lbs)
  • Maximum weight: 150 kg (331 lbs)
  • Maximum rope extension 20 m (65.6 ft)
  • Maximum Arrival Speed (1:1 redirection ratio):
    60 km/h (37.2 mph)
  • Maximum Arrival Speed (2:1 redirection ratio):
    72 km/h (44.6 mph)
  • Operating Temperature dry
    -10° tot +55° C  (14° tot 131° F)
  • Operating Temperature wet
    -4° tot +55° C  (24,8° tot 131° F)
  • Storage temperature
    -10° tot +55° C (14° tot 131° F)
  • This equipment may only be used by one person simultaneously


Order data: R020.022.100 –ZB16 (Handle Mount)


ZIP-brake in action

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