Climb Auto Belay

Is there anything more fun to do if you love climbing than enjoying your sport or hobby in a safe way? There isn’t is there! Having fun in the first place, the exciting new route, going even faster or higher than your last climb. Great, and the adrenaline-kick you get from it! Enjoying your climbing adventure but please automatically secured against the hazards of sporting at heights; gravity. Just because we cannot feel, hear, smell or see it and always is there. The Auto Belay Devices by HONOR AdventureTech, with kernmantel climbing rope, descent and fall arrest devices protect you from this hazard while exercising your hobby or sport and make climbing safe and accessible to everyone.


Auto Belay

Auto Belays are automatic belay devices that takes up the slack as a climber ascends the climbing wall. If the climber reaches the top, or falls, the Auto Belay immediately arrests the fall and lets the climber descend to the ground safely and automatically. Auto Belays allow people to climb when a partner is not available, to climb on their own schedule or make it possible to handle larger groups of climbers. New climbers can learn climbing before they also have learn the technical skills of belaying. The HONOR AdventureTech “climbing wall descenders”, according the international safety standards, so offer this unique height safety during climbing.

All devices are equipped with kernmantel rope!


How it works

Before the climber starts climbing, he connnects himself to the kernmantel rope of the Auto Belay. The lifeline automatically retracts into the device during climbing (no slack). After reaching the top and any time the climber wants to descend or in case of a fall, the climber descends automatically and safe with approximately 1 m/s. The intensity of use – total descent distance – is registered by the lenght or distance-of-use counter (non-resetable) on the device.

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Many good reasons to choose STAR-belay® by HONOR AdventureTech

  • Only Auto Belay with Kernmantel rope, that’s what climbers want;
  • All STAR-belay models certified according all relevant international PPE standards;
  • The modular descent brake mechanism assures very low fall arrest forces on the body and descends the climber automatically, smoothly and safe to the ground;
  • STAR-belay devices have the largest climbers weight range and tallest height range of any other auto belay system in the World;
  • STAR-belay models are the most lightweight Auto Belay devices;
  • STAR-belay design makes them easy to install and allows easy relocation;
  • STAR-belay devices easily can be mounted on top of the root, it’s easier to insal the divice on an ergonomic inspection height just above the floor using the special Device Mounting Bracket for periodically inspections;
  • STAR-belay devices acknowledged as Good Industrial Design by the academic jury during the prestegious Dutch Design Week assessed on its unique modular design and proven high technical quality.
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